From Dixie to Porteno…

I was born in Georgia, then moved to South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, and on to North Carolina.  Then I spent 4 more years in south Alabama for college (Troy University).  That’s about as southern as it gets.  I guess you could say I was Southern born and raised (I realize KS is in the midwest, but it was only a short time).

With only a week left I thought it would be interesting for my friends and family back in the U.S. to get a perspective of the Argentine culture.  Also allowing my Argentine and foreign friends to get a feel for my culture back at home.

Everyone in the U.S. knows that the south has a very distinct culture.  Some people abroad know this, but a lot don’t.

Unique things about the South (U.S.)

  • English…. I think this one is obvious
  • The choice of drink is SWEET TEA.  If you go anywhere else in the U.S. and ask for tea, it will be un-sweet.  In the south it’s always sweet, unless you ask for un-sweet.
  • People in the south greet each other with a firm hand shake and strong eye contact
  • College (American) Football (SEC Conference) is the most popular sport.  But if you want to get extra country, watch my personal favorite…. NASCAR. Go Jeff Gordon! (Had to throw that in there)
  • The most popular activities are Hunting & Fishing
  • A majority of people are Republican
  • Food of choice is fried chicken, deer, catfish, and BBQ pork.  Soul Food…. yes….
  • Typically it’s BYOB to any house party, although anyone will give you a beer if you ask
  • People like their personal space
  • Everyone has their own taste of music, but in general.. country music is more popular here than anywhere else
  • You will see a lot of people wearing camouflage… yes, even when they aren’t hunting. I’ve done it too.
My brother, me, and a friend at a NASCAR race... notice the camo....

My brother, me, and a friend at a NASCAR race… notice the camo….

Unique things about Buenos Aires

  • Ummm…. Spanish is pretty common here
  • The choice of drink is Mate.  (pretty good stuff)
  • Everyone greets each other with a soft kiss on the right side (even guys)
  • Futbol is the most popular sport, as it is in most countries around the globe.  Argentina is also the polo capital of the world.
  • It is a gigantic city so there is a lot more to do in general.  A lot of people play soccer for fun, but going to boliches (discos) until 7-8 in the morning is what everyone does on the weekends
  • Most people tend to be on the liberal side of politics
  • Food of choice is steak, pizza, and empanadas (All are incredible here, the pizza comes from their italian influence)
  • Everyone is extremely close.  What I’m trying to say is that there is no such thing as a personal bubble.
  • When going to a house party,  you bring something and everyone shares…  You don’t exactly bring something just for yourself
  • A variety of music is popular… They listen to American music, but there are a lot of Latin American songs that are really popular.  Can’t deny that they sound pretty catchy.
  • Portenos are very forward… with everything… especially the girls… yeah… think about it….
must be a popular soccer player or something.  I tend to see the name a lot

must be a popular soccer player or something. I tend to see the name a lot

A few similarities 

  • I’ve seen a lot of people from both sides rock the mullet… (yes… you Win Grant!)
  • Both are countries of immigrants
  • Both show great hospitality
  • Manners are expected… Ladies first
  • Both have strong/distinct accents for their language.  In the south its “Yall, and the strong ‘R’… also the missing ‘g’…(ex. I’m goin to church… or I’m headin to the gym…).  In Buenos Aires the “ll” sound is basically a “shh” sound, where other spanish speaking countries use the “y” sound.  Also, it’s “Aca” not “Aqui”
  • Family is extremely important

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